Vision: A peaceful and progressive Dzongkhag with optimal socio-economic development in harmony with nature and culture.

Mission: To ensure equitable and sustainable socio-economic well being of the people through quality services.


With a total area of 1,795,868 square kilometers, Thimphu is the capital city of Bhutan. The city lies in the western part of the country. It is located at an altitude of 2330 meters above the sea level. The Dzongkhag has 64.3% of its area under forest cover. The Dzongkhag office is located at Canglimithang.

Thimphu Dzongkhag has one Drungkhag, namely Lingzhi and eight gewogs namely Chang, Kawang, Dagala, Genekha, Mewang, Lingzhi, Soe and Naro. The Drungkhag administration at Lingzhi looks after the three Gewogs of Soe, Lingzhi and Naro.  The Dzonghag has 40 chiwogs, 194 villages comprising 1890 households. It has a population of 13, 744 as per the population and Housing censuss of Bhutan 2005 with 8,041 male and 5703 female.

The Dzongkhag has a total road network of 248.084 km, which includes 52.000 km of the national highway that connects Thimphu, Chuzom and Dochula.

The Dzongkhag has 505 civil servants in 2016, which is a sharp increase of about 14% from the 442 civil servants in 2015.